Improve Your Self

Our Coaching solution is a fully tailored service and therefore does not offer "standard fixed duration packages", instant solutions and superficial tips for your situation.  It is not a training programme or course.  Neither is this a service that merely analyses and categorises you according to some pre-determined inventory before delivering a "programme" to deal with your "type".  Nor is this counselling or psychotherapy and does not attempt to replace these services. 

I-10 Executive & Personal Coaching is a results-oriented service that drives clients to achieve success for themselves.  We work with our clients to identify the goals that they want to achieve, and lead them through a process that enables them to get the best out of themselves, both personally and professionally.

We encourage you to think big.  The most common reason why people fail to reach their potential is because they do not have clear enough goals.  You tell us what you want to achieve and pay us to hold you to it!  We cannot achieve the goals for you - that takes hard work on your side.  However, our proven Coaching methodology gives you the best chance of achieving that success.



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