Esther Hastings

We offer BACP accredited professional counselling, therapy and support services to help you get back on track. Our Counsellors are trained and experienced in helping clients to grow their confidence and deal with issues and challenges.



I am a registered and accredited member of the BACP, and, as a very experienced therapist who has been working with a wide range of clients since 2009, my main motto is that the client is at the core of all therapy.

I truly believe that each client is unique and I tailor each session to their needs. It is my job to provide the safe space required for them to explore their feelings free of judgement and in the knowledge that they will always be heard, providing them with the necessary conditions to develop and change.


I have a great deal of experience working with adults, groups, teenagers and secondary school children and over ten years of experience working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, domestic abuse, immediate trauma (rape) and supporting the family members of those abused.

I work with individuals, couples, groups and also provide training, mentoring and coaching for different organisations.

I tailor my approach to suit each client and their requirements, always in-keeping with the ethical framework of the BACP.

I believe in constantly expanding my therapeutic knowledge and set of skills and this is why I have now also qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist which is proving invaluable in working with anxiety, depression, phobias and many other mental health issues.

I offer counselling in a discreet, purpose-built counselling room with private parking as well as flexible hours to suit the client's needs. The initial consultation is free so please contact me by phone or email for further details.

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If you feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, overworked, confused, angry, worthless, restricted by some negative beliefs and lack of self-esteem or are experiencing specific difficulties and you can acknowledge the fact that sometimes in life we need help then please get in touch.

Perhaps you are faced with an impossible decision? Asking for help can be the hardest step to take in a fast-paced world where you are just expected to cope and to 'get on with it.' Whether you want to make changes in your life, reach milestone decisions, set new goals or simply find a space to be heard and explore your feelings and thoughts without judgement, expectation or agenda then I can offer you just what you need.


  • Registered and Accredited Member of the BACP

  • ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Translation

  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Theory

  • Extensive Training in working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse as well as immediate trauma (rape)

  • Group Therapy Training

  • Counselling Supervisor

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The first session is free and is designed to get to know each other before any commitment is made. It is the perfect opportunity for me to understand what you want and need as a client, what has led you to counselling and to understand your expectations. I will provide you with some background and discuss my specific approach as a counsellor and how I see us working together. At this point we can agree a way forward:

  • make an agreement to work together

  • you as a client may want to consider reflecting on your options and we will agree a follow up date to check in and see how you are feeling

  • you as a client may decide that counselling is not something you want to engage in right now or I may be able to help with an alternative solution such as a referral or alternative suggestions.

Whatever is agreed will already make you feel better because you have taken control and you have made that first step to make a change, it will also stop you wondering "what if?".



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