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12 months later

A little over a year ago I wrote a piece about how we were planning to move i10 to the next level - to build the brand, grow the company and do more for clients by weaving together our unique experience and compelling offering.

I boldly (naively?) stated that I thought the time was right with there being a significant focus on mental health and wellbeing at the time (rightly so) and that i10's roots in human potential, experience in major programme delivery, organisational transformation and occupational therapy expertise would offer a unique proposition to clients. I said that I believed that a consultancy small enough to care, smart enough to shape, and responsive enough to respond offers the best outcomes to clients.

I also said that we were expanding our capability, identifying opportunities to bid for new work via the Crown Commercial Frameworks (GCloud and Digital Outcomes & Specialists) and that we were developing partnerships with some really interesting companies.

And, 12 months on, now is the time to see how we've done.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

In a year when the world has fundamentally changed and we have had to adapt to a very different and much more restricted way of life, demand for counselling services has gone through the roof.

BACP chair Natalie Bailey recently said: “This is an unprecedented health and economic crisis that threatens to affect the mental health and wellbeing of large numbers of people in the country. The role of professional therapists is now more important than ever as people come to terms with the mental health impact of illness, bereavement, isolation, insecurity, changing work and family circumstances and general anxiety at such an uncertain time."

She continued “Many counsellors and psychotherapists are already playing a vital role on the front line of this epidemic, supporting the most vulnerable people, including medical staff and other key workers who are struggling with their own mental health. As the crisis grows, the need for urgent therapeutic support will only increase and professional therapists will also be critical in the longer-term, in rebuilding the fabric of the nation and helping people to return to normality."

This directly reflects our experience. In the 3 months prior to the first lockdown, we were delivering, on average, 52 counselling / psychotherapy sessions per month. Since then, we have delivered, on average, 102 counselling / psychotherapy sessions per month - almost double with over 1,220 counselling / psychotherapy sessions delivered in total.

In addition to the private practice we run, clients are also referred to us as part of the Occupational Health schemes run by many companies and our relationships with providers such as Health Assured and Wellbeing Solutions Management have referred a large number of clients.

Huge respect to the team delivering these crucial services during an extremely challenging year. You really are making a difference. Thank you!


Our consulting practice has gone from strength to strength too. Not content with just building partnerships, this year has seen the launch of the i10 ecosystem - a powerful group of digital, data, technology, people, process and culture specialists.

This is a very important evolution for us: even before the global pandemic, the context in which organisations operate has never been so volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). But, with the world having turned on its head, today, organisations face 3 stark choices:

  • Bury their head in the sand, try to weather the storm and become obsolete.

  • Evolve - and survive.

  • Embrace this VUCA world! See it as an opportunity - and thrive.

In order to grasp this opportunity, help and support from the right transformation experts to help them on that journey is critical. However, the challenges clients face span digital, data, technology, people, processes and culture - and no single transformation partner can possibly excel in all those areas. Plus, managing multiple consultancies can be really problematic, time-consuming and expensive.

That's why we've created the i10 ecosystem - which exists to help people and organisations be the best they can be. It was specifically designed to deal with these challenges.

How it works

Our market-leading workplace analytics platform gathers real-time people and systems intelligence to provide leaders with the insight they need to transform organisational performance.

Our core team work in partnership with you to:

  • interpret that data and insight

  • identify the best way to overcome your challenges

We then reach back into our ecosystem of specialist partners to solve those challenges - bringing the hive mind of our ecosystem experts to bear for you. Individually excellent, but together even stronger.

Think of us as your App Store for transformation!

Our clients

This ecosystem model has been well received and we are delighted to have signed 6 brand new consulting clients this year - spanning both public and private sector. We're even more delighted that all clients have retained our services - testament to the excellent work we do and value we deliver.

The work we are delivering spans the digital, data, technology, people, process and culture dimensions we offer - from digital discoveries, apps roadmaps, building data platforms to automate regulatory reporting, data flow mapping, training needs analysis and organisational design to Blockchain pilots! This really demonstrates the importance of having both broad and deep capability as part of the ecosystem - something we are looking to build out further next year.

Our win rate is good at 54% and we have learned a great which will help us to improve that win rate next year. We've also successfully expanded our service offerings on Crown Commercial Service frameworks GCloud12 and DOS5, earning Cyber Essentials certification too.


It has been quite a year! We are genuinely delighted with the progress we've made. Revenue growth stands at over 600% and we are looking forward to building on this year's success next year.

Our year in numbers

  • 6 new consulting clients

  • Revenue growth over 600%

  • Over 1,220 counselling sessions delivered

  • £2,000,000 - biggest contract won

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