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i10 Backdates Carbon Offset to 2006

In 2022, i10 achieve a significant milestone in our social value commitments around climate change, successfully offsetting the entire carbon footprint we have created since we were established back in 2006.

We achieved this milestone through our partnership with Ecologi, a community and platform for climate action that is funding a huge range of leading climate solutions to one day be responsible for halving the world's emissions by 2040.

In addition to investing in our future and planting trees, we used Ecologi's certified carbon offsets enable us to trade the unavoidable emissions from our business with a climate project that has been measured to make carbon reductions elsewhere in the world. One example is a wind farm that generates clean energy for the electricity grid, through which we can demonstrate it has avoided carbon emissions. By using carbon offsets, we are able to prove that their emission reduction has already happened in the past and invest heavily to offset our carbon emissions for the last 16 years.

We have been building towards this achievement for some time: in May 2021 we became carbon negative, and in late 2021 we converted our vehicles to hybrid technology to further reduce emissions.

With future plans to add solar panels to our range of environmental actions, we are looking forward to continuing to deliver on our commitments and continue to set the standard for social value in the UK public sector Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) market.

At the time of writing, we have planted a total of 17,500 trees and achieved 150 tonnes of carbon reduction. You can track our progress here.

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