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i10 and ecosystem partner Aiimi deliver New Data Platform and Automated Reporting for Golding Homes

Golding Homes are enjoying the benefits of automated regulatory reporting on their new data platform, thanks to an exemplary project delivery from digital, data and technology transformation experts i10, working in partnership with i10 ecosystem partners Aiimi. The project went live in July 2021, having successfully delivered on time and under budget.


Golding Homes (GH) had ambitions to become a data-driven organisation that receives business insight, performance and operational information which is timely, accurate, reliable and consistent in order to carry out business activity with reduced risk. They developed a data strategy and established a data transformation programme, the first phase of which sought to deliver a fully functioning scalable data warehouse including real-time reporting capability, capable of integrating with existing systems.

Prior to the project, the regulatory Statistical Data Return (SDR) collation process was slow and labour intensive, involving multiple people manually extracting data from disparate sources, running manual checks resulting in errors and inaccuracies.

Why i10?

Reflecting on the selection of i10/Aiimi as Golding Homes delivery partner after an open procurement on the Crown Commerical Service's GCloud framework, Emma Birdsey, Head of Business Intelligence and Systems at Golding Homes, said:

"When we set out to search for a delivery partner, we were keen to find someone with a collaborative approach and knowledge sharing ethos, so that ultimately Golding could become self-sufficient and not reliant on the partner long-term. i10/Aiimi's proposal matched that ethos perfectly. i10/Aiimi also included a business change element - other bids didn't include that and were more expensive and less comprehensive - i10/Aiimi were simply better quality and better value for money."

Work Done

The first phase of the data transformation project included data governance, data warehousing, data management and the automation of the all-important SDR to the regulator.

i10 and ecosystem partners Aiimi, working in collaboration with the Golding Homes data team, successfully delivered 'Goldmine', an Azure data factory utilising Power BI. We:

  • developed a new component architecture enabling data to be consolidated, staged, validated, analysed, visualised and published

  • built an integrated maintainable data environment, with business processes to support and enhance operational, regulatory and BI activity

  • brought together business-critical data in one place

  • implemented a new reporting tool

  • created new reporting dashboards

  • implemented effective data governance frameworks and new data standards

  • identified and upskilled data owners and agents

  • developed and implemented a business glossary

  • created data management knowledge books and personas to support effective data management


As a direct consequence of the project, manual data intervention has reduced significantly, the SDR is quicker to run with automated validation checks, and easy to adapt to new regulator requirements

  • enabled effective analysis/insight to support operational and strategic decision-making

  • reduced risk

A key feature of the project was highly collaborative working between i10/Aiimi and Golding Homes staff, resulting in incredibly effective knowledge transfer. As a result, Golding Homes are able to deliver subsequent phases on their own.


Click below to hear what Emma Birdsey, Head of Business Intelligence and Systems at Golding Homes, thought of i10/Aiimi.

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