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New Client: i10 working with Bracknell Forest Council

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

i10 are delighted to be working with Bracknell Forest Council to:

  • Develop a communications and engagement campaign which provides all staff with an opportunity to share their views on learning and development.

  • Develop a process to capture current strengths and learning needs as well as preferences for learning provision.

  • Deliver the learning needs survey and engagement approach across all service areas and organisational levels.

  • Deliver a report linking learning needs to existing provision and new provision requirements.

The approach will be inclusive and accessible, providing all staff with the opportunity to

engage. The results from this process will provide a clear indication and set of

recommendations to enable Bracknell Forest Council to:

  • Identify the skills, knowledge and behavioural strengths and development needs.

  • Identify how best to structure and deliver programmes of learning.

  • Identify what learning provision exists that can meet the demand as well as what needs to be designed or commissioned.

Bracknell Forest Council recognises the value in continuing to invest in the skills

and knowledge of its workforce. The pandemic, socio-economic challenges

combined with rapid advances in digital and technology are driving an urgent need

to comprehensively review the strengths and development needs at the council. This is to

ensure staff at all levels have access to skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to

achieve the strategic ambitions and deliver improved outcomes for communities

and people.

i10 Founder and Director, Mark Hastings, said "We are excited to be working with Bracknell Forest Council, the latest in a series of impressive new business deals in the public sector over the last few months including London Borough of Havering, the Food Standards Agency and Golding Homes. We are also looking forward to working with our ecosystem partner p3od who will be leading the delivery of this work."

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