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I-10 works with clients to ensure that the gap between current achievements and desired goals and objectives is closed.  This is achieved through our core services of Consulting, Training, Executive & Personal Coaching and Counselling.





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I-10 offers a wide range of services to help you get where you need to go: both personally and professionally


Achieve Your Goals

I-10 Business Consulting is different. We're not obsessed by over-the-top gadgets and long reports. We're not into telling clients what they already know and charging the earth. Nor do we believe that the solution to every challenge is to throw technology at it!

We work with our clients to deliver real and lasting solutions to business issues and challenges, helping good clients to become even better. We have a proven track record of delivering excellent solutions to our clients, based upon their specific requirements. We have worked with clients in both the public and private sectors, from entrepreneurs to Blue Chip organisations, charities to Government departments, councils to major banks.

At the heart of our Consulting philosophy is the belief that our clients have all the resources required to succeed and to achieve their desired outcomes. Our role is to drive that success by delivering maximum value to our clients through innovation, acceleration and collaboration, using proven and robust methods and techniques.


Grow your people

The objective of any training intervention is to deliver results. All too often, organisations do not see sufficient return on their learning and development investment. Our approach is different. We believe that the real benefit of training is realised only if delegates put into practice the learning from a particular course. Therefore we work very closely with our clients to ensure that the goals of any training intervention are fully understood, and that the desired outcomes are measurable. We then design our training interventions to guarantee that real behavioural changes are seen once the course is over and delegates are 'back at their desks'. When participants leave the course we see that as the beginning, not the end of our intervention. Our support continues until the results are delivered and the objectives are achieved.

Our courses provide the tools and techniques, skills and behaviours to address today's business critical issues. We also believe that learning should be fun, so our sessions are interactive, challenging, versatile and rewarding for delegates.


Grow your self

Our Coaching solution is a fully tailored service and therefore does not offer "standard fixed duration packages", instant solutions and superficial tips for your situation.  It is not a training programme or course.  Neither is this a service that merely analyses and categorises you according to some pre-determined inventory before delivering a "programme" to deal with your "type".  You will also not find yourself listening to motivational speeches that can make you feel good for a short time.  Nor is this counselling or psychotherapy and does not attempt to replace these services. 

I-10 Executive & Personal Coaching is a results-oriented service that drives clients to achieve success for themselves.  We work with our clients to identify the goals that they want to achieve, and lead them through a process that enables them to get the best out of themselves, both personally and professionally.  We encourage you to think big.  The most common reason why people fail to reach their potential is because they do not have good enough goals.  You tell us what you want to achieve and pay us to hold you to it!  We cannot achieve the goals for you - that takes hard work on your side.  However, our proven Coaching methodology gives you the best chance of achieving that success. 


Grow your confidence

We offer professional Counselling and support services to help you get back on track. Our Counsellors are fully qualified professionals who are trained and experienced in helping clients to grow their confidence and deal with issues and challenges.