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The i10 Ecosystem

We have built an ecosystem that is enabling us to reimagine transformation consultancy and deliver impactful and lasting change. The journey to lasting change is often uncertain. Our clients need a partner that can negotiate the twists and turns of programme delivery by providing a broad range of skills and deep capability to enable them to move with those realities, confident they can access the right skills at the right time, in real time, to achieve the best outcomes.​

Our Ecosystem Partners

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Hive mind support

Our ecosystem enables clients to benefit from the collective thinking and hive mind of our network of highly experienced SME transformation partners. This ‘power of many, convenience of one’ approach is:

  • Focused on your needs, not ours: we are technology agnostic, focused on achieving your outcomes in the right way for you, whatever capabilities your programme requires.

  • Broad and deep: our expertise incorporates all aspects of digital, data, technology, people, process and cultural transformation, with deep knowledge of relevant systems, technologies, approaches, standards and cultures within the UK public sector.

  • Responsive: we can ramp up and down to meet the changing needs of your programme, providing rapid access to the right people and teams.

  • Scalable: the i10 ecosystem brings together over 76,000 people in one place, all proven experts in their individual transformation fields and specialisms.

  • Constantly evolving: we continue to develop the people and capabilities within our ecosystem, to anticipate what comes next.

  • Collaborative: we are constantly working in partnership with our clients and one another. It’s in our DNA.

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