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2022 Retrospective

As we all look ahead to 2023, here's a quick summary of what we achieved in 2022 - another fantastic year for i10!


By far our proudest achievements have been in the positive environmental impacts we have been able to make. We remain part of the SME climate hub, recognised by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign - making i10 one of 2,600 SMEs across 84 countries to have committed to achieving net-zero emissions by no later than 2050. However, we believe that 2050 is too late, so in 2022, i10 offset the carbon footprint we have created since we were established back in 2006. We achieved this impressive milestone by offsetting our historic carbon footprint through our partnership with Ecologi.

So far, we have planted 27,600 trees, in Restor-registered sites to offset the carbon footprint generated by our work. We used an ‘employ to plant’ model, providing a consistent income for local people who work as planters, nursery staff and forest guards, allowing the local community greater access to education, nutrition and healthcare. Our partners at Ecologi ensure that sustainable land-use practices are followed. The trees planted will provide new food sources for local people including avocado, lemon and papaya trees.

Additionally, we have part-funded 4 Verra-registered Verified Carbon Standard projects, off-setting 170 tonnes of carbon.

These contributions have contributed to us winning several awards in 2022, including:

  • SME News, Sustainability Excellence Award

  • Mercury Business Awards, Environmental Champion

Additionally, in 2022 we were delighted to make the Net Zero 50 list in the 'In House Net Zero' category - one of only five businesses on the list! Such national recognition is a testament to the enormous efforts we have made to lead by example in becoming net zero. As the first-ever list of its kind, the Net Zero 50 showcases the work already underway and the 50 most inspiring individuals, initiatives, products and services cross-sector and across the UK driving forward decarbonisation. We were incredibly proud to have been recognised in this way, and the breakfast at the House of Lords was a lovely bonus too!


We are delighted to have continued working with the Food Standards Agency during 2022, as their Digital, Data, Technology, Information Management and Cyber Security partner, delivering projects that create and improve internal and external FSA services. Some of our work at FSA was nominated for a Digital Leaders Impact Award.

We are proud to have added several new clients to our portfolio in 2022, including:

  • NHS Property Services

  • Careology

  • Enforcement Conduct Board

  • Your Housing Group

Our ecosystem continues to go from strength to strength and our strong performance is evidenced by our progress up the ranks of the biggest UK public sector suppliers: rising from #46 of DOS suppliers in Q1, peaking at #31 in March 2022 (sandwiched between giants Deloitte and PwC)! This outstanding performance has resulted in several awards too, including:

  • SME News, Best Public Sector Transformation Consultancy

  • Mercury Business Awards, Small Business of the Year

Crucially, this strong performance means we are able to meaningfully contribute to society too, and in 2022 we donated 43,200 meals to Fareshare and Second Helpings in Stamford, part of the Real Junk Food Project. This level of social value is unprecedented for a business our size, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to social value.


2022 has brought a number of areas of maturity for i10, including:

  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification

  • Successfully winning a place on Crown Commercial Service's new Digital Programmes framework (DSP RM6263) - one of only 51 successful applications - adding to our place on DOS and GCloud

  • A website and branding refresh

  • Continued reporting of our diversity and inclusion statistics to TechTalentCharter

  • Ongoing adherence to our Prompt Payment Code commitments

  • Greater social media presence and engagement


All in all, 2022 has been a phenomenal year for i10, and we look forward to building on this success in 2023!

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