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Digital Leaders Impact Award Nomination: Report A Food Allergy

i10 and the Food Standards Agency are honoured to have been nominated for a Digital Leaders Impact Award for the Report A Food Allergy Service.

The Digital Leaders Impact Awards celebrate digital technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us. They are open to any person, business, government or non-profit creating or delivering digital products or services for positive social impact.

The Report a Food Allergy, Intolerance or Coeliac Reaction Service targets consumers who have visited a restaurant or purchased food and had an unexpected reaction; plus people who have had unexpected reactions at home where something has broken down in their process and food choices for managing the allergy. ​

Working collaboratively with FSA, i10:

  • Identify user requirements through a series of workshops and interviews, including the scope and format of prevention messaging and industry communications

  • Analysed the user requirements and provided data visualisation recommendations along with a proposed solution

  • Quantified the volume of consumers / users and their frequency of use

  • Defined the questions that consumers needed to be asked

  • Engaged and collaborated with 3rd parties to establish suitable “front doors” to the service and determined what sign-posting was required to support consumers to report their unexpected allergic reaction

  • Determined how the service would progress past Alpha and whether it will be included as part of an existing service

  • Developed the data model to capture and store the data, with a view to re-using an existing FSA platform for both Alpha and Beta/Live

  • Ran a pilot with users

  • Developed the Alpha service

  • Determined responsibility for the management and maintenance of the service

  • Provided recommendations for Beta

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