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Feature: Aiimi - Our Data Partner

i-10 Founder and Director, Mark Hastings talks about i-10's partnership with Aiimi, experts in Enterprise Information Management.

“Insight from data is a key strategic asset for businesses today,” said Mark Hastings, Founder & Director of i-10. “Aiimi are at the forefront of helping organisations turn information into opportunity. They have delivered some remarkable transformations and their InsightMaker platform is world-leading.” he added.

Aiimi is a pioneering tech company based in the UK who use the latest AI and data science to manage information and create insights for businesses such as Jaguar Land Rover, Anglian Water, Rolls-Royce, Northumbrian Water and Liberty to name a few. They are obsessed with creating ways in which technology and AI can manage information intuitively, so clients can be free to do their job better, smarter and quicker. Whether you are a Chief Data Officer worried about risky sensitive information scattered across your network drives, or an employee wading through folder after folder looking for that one file you need, Aiimi can help, with a range of tools to make sure clients get the information they need the moment they need it, whether it’s stored in the cloud, in a network drive, or in a long-forgotten folder. Aiimi also have their own IP called InsightMaker which enables ordinary folk to do extraordinary things – like access detailed data science analytics at the touch of a button, discover sensitive files for GDPR, manage assets intelligently and make an entire enterprise searchable. With lightning-fast response times, customers can securely search across millions of structured and unstructured data sets to find valuable information that was previously hidden or at risk of a data breach.

"Aiimi can help clients derive enormous value from their data and are adept at working from Discovery / Strategy all the way through to implementation and sustainable support. Their strength lies in the ability to make the complex information easy to understand and in aligning data strategy with organisational objectives. Together we are excited to bring this impressive capability to the public sector."


i-10 is a personal and professional transformation services firm, supporting clients since 2006. We exist to help people and organisations to be the best they can be through Consulting, Board Advisory, Non-Executive, Counselling, Therapy, Coaching and Training. Our purpose is to help our clients, both as individuals and organisations, to transform and achieve their Peak Performance and our Consulting expertise comprises People, Process, Technology, Data and Digital. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @i10_Transformation #MakeADifference #PeakPerformance #BusinessAdvisory #BeYourBest

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