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Social Value: i10 makes the Digileaders Net Zero 50 list

At a time of heightened awareness of the environment and to coincide with COP27, the Digileaders Net Zero 50 List showcases the top 50 individuals, organisations, initiatives, products and services helping us reach Net Zero in the UK. It celebrates the net zero innovations and innovators who are helping us achieve the UK’s net zero agenda. As the first-ever list of its kind, the Net Zero 50 showcases the work already underway, the 50 most inspiring individuals, initiatives, products and services cross-sector and across the UK driving forward decarbonisation.

i10 is delighted to have made the Net Zero 50 list in the 'In House Net Zero' category - one of only five businesses on the list! Such national recognition is a testament to the huge efforts we have made to lead by example in becoming net zero.

As we are all aware, reaching net zero is an enormous challenge that requires common effort and responsibility, and a change in individual and group behaviour. Ambitious action, robust policy and private and public coordination on the national, regional and local level are needed urgently to meet the 2050 target. Yet, the foundations are already being laid to transform the UK economy, businesses and society.

i10 feel that 2050 is too late to deliver on climate commitments, so we decided to lead by example. In May 2021 we became carbon negative for that financial year. In March 2022 we went further and backdated our carbon offset to the year we were founded in 2006. And that's why we have been recognised in this way!

Meet the list and vote now:

How we do it

So far, in partnership with Ecologi, we have planted 24,900 trees, in Restor-registered sites to offset the carbon footprint generated by our work. We used an ‘employ to plant’ model, providing a consistent income for local people who work as planters, nursery staff and forest guards, allowing the local community to achieve greater levels of access to education, nutrition and healthcare. Our partners at Ecologi ensure that sustainable land-use practices are followed. The trees planted will provide new food sources for local people including avocado, lemon and papaya trees.

Additionally, we have part-funded 4 Verra-registered Verified Carbon Standard projects, off-setting 170 tonnes of carbon.


i10 is a specialist consultancy that offers a complete ecosystem for digital, data, technology and people transformation, helping public sector organisations be the best they can be.

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders is an initiative that has created a shared professional space for senior leadership from different sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation. For more information on what we do, visit our website.

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